Weisshorn Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is a physical activity that involves your entire body. It can be beneficial to your physical health, and it is an activity that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

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Paddle Boards FAQs

What is the best paddle board for beginners?

If you are a beginner at paddle boarding, some factors to keep in mind when choosing a paddle board include the shape of the board, getting the appropriate volume and capacity, and the right length, width, and thickness.

The Weisshorn Paddle Board is designed to suit the needs of a beginner paddler as well as a seasoned paddler. Our Weisshorn inflatable stand-up paddle board is built with drop-stitch material and is easy to inflate and deflate for portability.

Seeking the thrill of spontaneous adventure is exciting. Our inflatable paddle boards can be compacted into a trusty travel bag, and it includes a pump, allowing you to partake in as many water adventures as you'd like.

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What size paddle board should I get for my height?

When shopping for a paddle board, you should be on the lookout for whether it provides enough flotation and stability to showcase your skills, and body weight.

For most people, the 11 ft stand-up Weisshorn paddle board will do the trick.

When it comes to the functionality of a paddle board, a person’s height is less important than their weight and the weight of the gear. The Weisshorn stand-up paddle board has a weight capacity of up to 185 kg.

You should also consider the size of the paddle to your height. Our supplied 1.7 m adjustable aluminium paddle allows everyone to paddle easily, regardless of height differences.

Can you sit on a paddle board?

Paddle boarding is a fun activity that can be experienced in more ways than one. Typically, you can choose to stand, but you can also sit on the paddle board as you feel like.

Sitting on a paddle board is completely safe and can elevate your experience to a whole different level. While sitting on a paddle board, you can take pictures, rest your legs, ride with others, and even try some fishing.

The Weisshorn paddle board comes with an adjustable kayak seat that transforms your paddle board into a comfortable kayak.

Can I paddleboard on my knees?

You can paddleboard on your knees if you choose to. It is a useful technique when using the Weisshorn inflatable paddle board, for beginners and experienced alike.

The kneeling position lowers your centre of gravity, which makes it easier to stabilise and control your board. It is a technique beginners should learn before trying to stand on a paddle board.

The Weisshorn inflatable paddle board offers great stability and comfort for beginners and ensures they have a great experience learning to paddleboard.

Do you wear shoes when paddle boarding?

You don’t have to wear shoes when paddle boarding during the warmer months.

Choosing to wear shoes while paddle boarding is your personal choice, but the temperature might be a factor in choosing to wear “water shoes” while paddle boarding.

Water shoes are great for insulation during colder seasons, as they keep your feet warm and dry from the cold water. They offer a sense of control, responsiveness in turning, and help to maintain balance.

The Weisshorn stand-up paddle board has three fins underneath which ensure steady gliding, easy manoeuvrability, and smooth turning.