Solar Pool Cover

Save on heating costs, water and chemicals while keeping your swimming pool pristine.

A solar pool cover keeps your swimming pool warmer for longer, making full use of energy from the sun. And not only does it reduce the evaporation of water and pool chemicals, but it also keeps your pool clean from leaves and other debris.

Put a stop to the wastage with an Aquabuddy solar pool cover. Find the perfect size to fit your swimming pool at Takealot.

Solar Pool Cover – FAQs

Is it better to cover a pool or not?

It's the most comfortable way to take a dip in your swimming pool.

Because water takes so long to heat up, once it's been warmed up by the sun, it's a great store of heat energy. A solar pool cover helps to lock this heat in, preventing it from escaping too quickly – so you can keep enjoying your pool for longer and cut back on heating costs.

Not only is the Aquabuddy solar pool cover designed to keep a swimming pool warm, but it also reduces the evaporation of expensive chemicals from the surface of the water, while also preventing debris such as bugs, twigs, and leaves from falling into the water.

Are solar pool covers worth it?

During summer, it becomes difficult to regulate your pool’s temperature and reduce the heat loss that occurs with water evaporation. Investing in a solar pool cover plays a key role in solving this issue.

Using a solar pool cover as a blanket over the pool traps heat in the water, and helps to keep the pool several degrees warmer, for longer. This alone saves you from spending extra cash on electric or gas heaters to warm up your swimming pool.

The impact is especially noticeable when the summer months come to an end and the temperature starts to drop. At this point, you need to conserve as much heat as possible, as it can be difficult to enjoy swimming when the waters are cold, or the energy bill is too high.

How many degrees will a solar cover heat a pool?

A solar pool cover forms a blanket over the pool. It maintains the water temperature at up to 5C more than the pool would be otherwise – and sometimes even more than 5C.

The solar pool covers at Takealot are designed with an innovative split blue and silver isothermal design. This allows heat to pass through the cover during the daytime, via the translucent blue rippled surface. It is also efficient in heat distribution, which reduces water and electricity costs.

Is a solar pool cover just bubble wrap?

The short answer is no – a solar pool cover is more than just a bubble wrap. While it may look similar to bubble wrap, it offers more functions and features.

The Aquabuddy solar pool cover is made with Low-Density Polyethylene, a material that can withstand temperatures up to 80C and has UV-resistance properties. Because of this durable construction, it is much better suited to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian climate, compared with bubble wrap.