Garden Water Fountains

Do you have a beautiful garden or backyard that is filled with blooming flowers? Are you wondering what element can be added to make your garden or backyard more stunning than it currently is?

Adding a garden water fountain can be the element that will carry your garden to the next level.

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Garden Fountains & Water Features – FAQs

Are outdoor water fountains worth it?

Water, whether still or moving, adds a tranquil effect and cooling effect during a hot summer day. Garden fountains can simply be for decorative purposes, or they can be an eye-catching statement in your backyard.

Water fountains for gardens are a low-maintenance landscape feature and are widely adaptable to your available space.

The Gardeon Three Tier Solar Power Water Fountain is made from durable polyresin, making it a lightweight fountain that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It has a maintenance-free solar fountain feature, and it comes with a set of solar panels with a rechargeable battery and water pump, allowing you to save on electricity.

Where should a water fountain be placed in an outdoor space or garden?

Location, location, location. Are you pondering where you should place a water fountain for your garden? Choosing the right placement can completely transform your outdoor space.

A good water fountain placement is where it is visible and able to be enjoyed by everyone.

If your garden has a formal design (in a symmetrical or geometrical pattern), the fountain should be in the central position. This is normally between the intersection of two paths.

If you instead have an informal design (following curves, non-symmetrical arrangements of features and spaces), the fountain is usually placed in the corner of the garden.

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Do water fountains use lots of electricity?

When browsing garden fountains for sale, you should keep their running costs in mind. While traditional water fountains don’t use a lot of electricity, high-end pumps can become more expensive.

Most water fountains cost less than $50 per month to operate for a few hours a day.

However, the Gardeon Three Tier Solar Power Fountain is powered by solar power. It includes a weatherproof solar panel that powers the rechargeable lithium battery – so it can keep the water pump running without adding to your electricity bill.

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Should the water fountain run all the time?

Water fountains are designed to operate 24/7. It will be harder for your pump if you turn it off and on every day. The only time you need to turn off a water fountain is when it doesn’t have enough water.

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How do I maintain outdoor water features?

One of the simplest ways of keeping an outdoor garden water fountain clean is to keep the water running. Moving water makes it difficult for algae to grow or scum to accumulate.

Using a fountain cover will also do the trick. A fountain cover offers protection against the harsh treatment of the elements, and ensures that debris and bugs do not get into your fountain.

Gardeon water fountains and water features are built with high-quality materials and are solar-powered. This self-sufficient design will only need the occasional manual cleaning.

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Why should I get a water feature for my outdoor space?

Adding a water feature to your garden is a great way to add interest and intrigue. Water features can be anything from a simple fountain or birdbath to an elaborate pond or waterfall. Outdoor fountains and water features add intrigue to a garden, while the flowing water and trickling sound brings a sense of calm and serenity to those in the garden.

Adding a water feature will not only make your garden more beautiful, but it will also attract wildlife. Birds, butterflies, and even small mammals are drawn to the sound and movement of water, so you may find yourself with some new feathered or furry friends in no time.

Water features are a great investment that will bring you joy and ensure you love spending time in your garden. Shop our range of garden water fountains and outdoor water features online today!