Giantz Tool Chest and Tool Box Cabinet Australia

As any DIYer knows, having the right toolbox to store your equipment can make all the difference for the project you're working on.

If you are looking to upgrade from your current toolbox and looking for something bigger that will fit your needs, browse our huge range of Giantz tool boxes and tool chests at Takealot.

Giantz Tool Box and Tool Chest Cabinet – FAQs

What is the use of a tool trolley?

A tool trolley is an essential piece of equipment for organising tools in the garage or workshop. This is true of professional builders, carpenters, and machinists, but it also goes for DIY home projects as well.

A storage trolley with drawers is larger in size than a tool box, as it is optimised to store several large pieces of equipment. On average, it can be about the size of a small desk.

Most tool trolleys are used as a portable tool shelving and workstation, allowing you to easily access the different tools you require for the job, wherever you need.

The Giantz tool box trolley has 5 drawers and is built for storing heavy-duty equipment with large capacities. If you need even more storage space, consider the Giantz tool chest trolley with 14 drawers.

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How do I choose a tool box?

The process of buying a tool box can be as fun as buying the tools themselves.

When you think of a tool box, it is likely you'll first think of the classic hand-carry toolbox, which comes in either plastic or steel. This tool box is great for jobs outside of your workshop because they are very portable. But they cannot store a large number of tools or heavy-duty tools.

For a more robust option, at Takealot we offer storage trolleys on wheels with drawers with quality ball bearings incorporated. This Giantz tool box comes with either 5 or 14 drawers, offering different storage capacities to suit the appropriate storage space you may need.

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What should I look for in a heavy-duty tool trolley?

When looking for a heavy-duty tool storage trolley with drawers, there are several factors you should consider – such as its size, drawers, material, mobility, and security.

Depending on the amount of storage you need, the size of tool trolley you require would be different. If you need a heavy-duty tool trolley that but do not require a large amount of storage, the Giantz storage trolley with 5 drawers will be perfect for you.

However, if you need a bigger storage capacity, the Giantz tool chest cabinet with 14 drawers will meet your needs.

This is made from powder-coated metal, which ensures its durability and resistance to rust, making it the perfect tool box investment to last you for decades to come. To protect your precious tools, the tool box has scratch-proof mats for the lower trolley to avoid scratching your tools. Giantz tool boxes and tool chests are also equipped with a round barrel lock to keep them even safer and more secured compared to general locks.

The Giantz tool box & storage trolley with 14 drawers on wheels offers manoeuvrability and easy all-round mobility. It also features fully lockable drawers to prevent your precious tools from rolling out while the trolley is moved around.

Why should I buy a Giantz tool chest cabinet?

Giantz makes high-quality tool chests that are specifically designed to cater to and store tools and keep your precious tools in their proper place. The drawers run on metal drawer runners and quality ball bearings to ensure the drawer slides out effortlessly for smooth handling. The varying drawer depths allow a large capacity for storage by enabling you to store and access various tool sizes, and the powder-coated capacity and upgraded cam locks make this the tool box of the century!

This tool chest cabinet complies with CE certificate specifications and is made with sturdy construction and tensile powder-coated steel, making it the perfect storage location for frequently handled tools. The highly-portable Giantz tool trolley is equipped with omni directional castor wheels for 360-degree movement, scratch-proof liners, a sturdy handle, an impact-absorbent gripped surface, and enhanced rust resistance. Ensure your tools last a long time with a Giantz tool chest cabinet today!

And, if you are looking to purchase a Giantz tool chest cabinet from us today but need some extra help, shop with our payment option Afterpay, where you will be set up on a payment plan of 4 interest-free payments fortnightly! Other payment options include Australian Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

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