Giantz Garden Shed

Is your house or garage bursting and you can’t find any more space to store them? Or perhaps you have a garden or backyard that seems a bit empty, and you can’t figure out why?

It’s time to invest in a trusty Giantz garden shed. Browse the range at Takealot.

Giantz Garden Shed - FAQs

Is it cheaper to build a shed or buy a shed?

Building a shed from scratch gives you control over its design, quality, and price, compared with buying a manufactured shed.

Not only does building your own shed lower your expenses, but as a project, it can be very satisfying and rewarding to create a shed that will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

Not only are they more affordable, but Giantz garden sheds can save you time, energy, and effort, as they are easy to assemble.

Strengthened with galvanised steel and polypropylene, the garden sheds designed by Giantz offer choice for durability. Little maintenance is needed with the Giantz.

Shop at Takealot to choose from a variety of styles to find the shed that fits your exact needs.

Do you need a concrete slab for a garden shed?

For most garden sheds, you will need to have a concrete slab to ensure the shed retains its structural integrity.

However, the Giantz garden shed comes with a base. The steel base frame ensures structural integrity without the need for a concrete slab. The garden sheds are built with our customers in mind, so we offer garden sheds that are easy to set up, even without an existing concrete slab.

Furthermore, our metal sheds have various sliding doors sizes, which allows easy access when you’re carrying tools and equipment. Choose the best garden shed that puts your convenience and comfort first.

Are sheds waterproof?

Your shed is an investment that you want to last for many years or even decades. In this case, a waterproof garden shed is a necessity.

The Giantz garden shed is waterproof, and its sloop roof design ensures that all rain and water is easily drained off with no chance of pooling.

Not all garden sheds and made with the same materials and quality. For many sheds, water is the enemy that can cause harm to its structure, leading it to rot and mould and, worst of all, damage to the contents of your shed.

With a Giantz metal garden shed, not a single drop of water will leak onto your tools and equipment.

What type of shed lasts the longest?

If you want your shed to last for decades, choosing the right construction is essential. Most sheds are made from either wood, plastic, or metal.

Metal sheds are the most durable types of shed, because they are strong, rigid, and extremely durable.

Giantz garden sheds are reinforced with galvanised steel and polypropylene, and are resistant to corrosion even when placed in various weather conditions.

Metal sheds are not affected by insects or woodworms and are resistant to fire, unlike sheds made of wood or plastic. Our metal sheds are only built with the best materials, and can last for many years to come.