Giantz Garden Cultivator

Make soil cultivation as easy and efficient as possible. To have your garden beds ploughed and harrowed at only a fraction of the effort, choose from the range of Giantz garden cultivators and tillers at Takealot.

Giantz Garden Cultivator – FAQs

What is a garden cultivator used for?

Having the correct garden cultivator can be a life-changing tool for a gardener. It is used for mixing and aerating soil, removing weeds and, most importantly, creating the ideal seedbeds for plants to grow.

A cultivator stretches the soil to a certain depth, to pull and pulverise unwanted weeds and their roots. Cultivation helps to aerate the soil and improves its structure, making it ready for all your gardening needs.

To maintain your backyard or garden from sprouting weeds during spring, as you grow out your favourite plants and flowers, having a garden cultivator is the perfect tool to have in your arsenal.

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What is the difference between a tiller and cultivator?

Many people use the terms “cultivator” and “tiller” interchangeably. Although both machines function in a similar way, they're not entirely the same.

A cultivator is smaller and easier to operate, but doesn’t have the same digging power compared to a tiller. A tiller has a larger engine and bigger tines in both thickness and diameter.

The difference between a tiller and a cultivator is which one is best suited for your gardening needs. If your garden size isn’t that large, then a cultivator would be a suitable tool, but if it’s larger than about 150 square metres, a tiller will be what you need.

Every garden is unique and requires different needs. Our Giantz garden cultivators and tillers in Australia come with multiple features to meet your every demand.

Are cultivators worth it?

Giantz garden cultivators are an investment that will save you time, energy, and effort. They'll enable you to redirect your time and energy to other things whilst maintaining a healthy and fertile garden.

Hand cultivators are used by gardeners to work the soil and physically remove unwanted weeds by hand. Although hand cultivators are cheaper, they are typically short in length, which requires you to bend down on your knees to use them. It is not suited for a large garden, and it requires you to individually remove the weeds yourself.

Our Giantz garden cultivators, on sale in Australia, are the solution you have been looking for to maximise the enjoyment and results you get from your gardening.

Can cultivators remove weed?

Growing your own fruits, vegetables and flowers can be rewarding, but keeping the soil free of weeds can be troublesome.

Giantz cultivators are the solution you need, to remove unwanted weeds from your garden. The teeth on the cultivator are designed to grab and remove the entire broad-leaf weeds, roots, and all, as they are passed through. Our garden cultivators are one of the best tools to have on hand for gardening.

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